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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Poker Players Alliance

If you read this blog, chances are you enjoy poker. In case you haven't heard congress is attempting to to pass legislation outlawing online gambing. This includes poker. But not horse racing or state lotteries, because you know that might be consistant, and we wouldn't want that.

The important thing is that they are making it more difficult to play the game I and I hope you enjoy. The Poker Players Alliance is an organization aimed at helping educate people on the merits of poker, and at defending the legality of the game. You can join the PPA for as little as $20. You even get a shirt out of the deal, and I think Party Poker will give you $10 in your account if you join the PPA while cashing out of Party Poker. So it almost costs you nothing and you would helping make it possible to play poker years from now.

Even if you don't join, at least check out their site. They have a lot of great information on other ways you could help.



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