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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 WSOP Schedule Released

The schedule for the 2007 WSOP is available here. Unlike last year's World Series of Holdem events this one seems to be rather diverse. There are a number of H.O.R.S.E. events, a S.H.O.E. event, a razz, 2-7 draw and triple draw lowball, a number of stud and omaha events and of course a bunch of hold'em events.

In addition to the usual $10,000 hold'em main event, there is also a $10,000 Omaha event and they brought back the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E.

A number of events have the "World Championship" prefix. I don't know if you get an extra shiny bracelet for winning those or just get to add "WC" after your name when signing autographs for your hundreds of fans.

Personally I'm glad they mixed it up a bit this year. I hope the broadcast more events than just holdem and the one token day of omaha this year. Last year by the time the main event episodes were over, I was so sick of watching 8 guys I've never heard of and one pro battle for another $1000 hold'em bracelet that I don't think I watched any episodes on ESPN other than the main event.

I would bet that part of the reason there are so many non holdem events this year is because many sites are starting to offer other games and people are enjoying them. Holdem has that whole been there done that feel to it and people are lookng for something new. Of course the number of people qualifiying online is likely going to be reduced thanks to a certain change in U.S. laws, and mass exudus from the U.S. market by many online sites. I wonder what the percentage of online qualifiers was for most events last year, and if that percentage will go down or not this year. I guessing it will be down, but apparently Harrah's doesn't think so, since there are seven more events this year and they talk about additional space for side games/tourneys and what not.

Anyways, you have 5-6 months to qualify, so get started.

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