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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2007 NCAA Picks

Ok, I didn't have time to run my various random picker tests, so this is the best I have. Picks.

I have a few subtle variations on that bracket for the various pools that I am in, but that is more or less what I'm going with.

My biggest chance to win money in one of these pools is with our company blind pool. This also goes to show that everything is more fun when there's money on the line. Either that or it just shows that there are few things that I won't put money on. For those of you who have never been in one, it works as follows.
  • Each entry gets a team assigned at random.
  • If your team is the favorite, and covers the spread, you move on.
  • If your team is the underdog and wins, you move on.
  • If your team is the underdog and loses by less than the spread, you take over the winning team, and move on.
  • Otherwise, you are out.
Its tough to know what makes a good team for this format. Your number one seeds are such high favorites in the early rounds, that they can easily fail to cover the spread. Plus there are more than enough straight up upsets in the central pairings, that you probably want to have a decent team that is likely to be the dog in each match up.

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