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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Actual Poker

I haven't played any real poker online or live in almost two months. But that is about to change. I can almost guarantee that I will will play in three tournaments this month.

First, tonight, the monthly poker poker game is happening for the first time in almost four months. We added up the winnings from last year, and I was in second place overall. Had I finished one spot higher in either of the tournaments on the last day I would have been the overall standings champion, which of course is worth nothing other than bragging rights. Not that bragging rights aren't fun to have.

Secondly, is my now annual birthday poker tournament fiasco extravaganza which is scheduled for some time later this month. That's the game where people who have played poker three times in their live will inflict a horrific bad beat on you and to make it worse, opponent will call you down thinking they have Ace high when in fact he has the nut flush. Can't wait.

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