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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cashout Options?

Neteller’s withdrawal from the U.S. market has very much killed my motivation to play poker. Even if I do well, is it really worth the time and effort that it’s going to take to find a new payment processor every few months? Its going to be great fun when I have a virtual fortune at various online sites, yet have no way of ever getting to that money. Maybe I’ll just amass my fortune online and then retire to Canada, or Europe so I can cash out. Do any poker sites offer interest on your bankroll? If so I’d switch there as soon as I could find a usable payment processor and consider any poker funds that I can’t currently access as retirement funds. Then I could literally be gambling with my retirement nest egg whenever I played poker.

The other thing that sucks about this is that I still make a few bucks here and there as an affiliate for a few sites. Most of them sent payments to Neteller, or my player account, which I then withdrew to Neteller. Now I have to go figure out which sites support which withdrawal options, and try to find the solution requiring me to set up the fewest new eWallet accounts.

I actually tried signing up for click2pay this morning since I think they are the biggest/most popular remaining option for me, but I got a message saying my IP address indicates that I’m not from the US, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, France, Austria or Germany, and those are the only countries they support. Well great, since I’m apparently not in the US maybe I can still use my Neteller account.

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