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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Sky is Falling (Again)

In case you haven't heard the founders of Neteller were arrested earlier this week on conspiracy to commit money laundering charges. Or something like that.

Here are a few interesting related links and a significant change from Neteller.

2+2 thread

I'm sure you can find more if you half try.

the real important one is this:

Neteller Member News

Basically, Neteller is no longer accepting new accounts from US residents. They are also no longer accepting transfers to or from gambling related sites. You are still free to use your account for non-gambling related sites, and you should still be able to cash out.

So, this could very much kill the online poker/gambling industry. The US is a significant percentage of that market and the most popular methods for them to access it have now been eliminated. Bill Rini has a very good analysis of how this will affect the gaming market even for non-us players.

I wonder if its too late to deposit at Mansion Poker to take advantage of their 100K guaranteed? maybe its a good thing that I haven't deposited ther yet since it seems like cashing out isn't going to be all that easy if I do win.

I really want to go on a rant about how ridiculous our government can be, and how many better uses of our law enforcements time and money there are, but I'm pretty sure its all been said many times before. Maybe I'll have more comments tomorrow after I've had time to filter through all the news reports and other commentary.

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