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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Career Change

If all goes well I’ll be starting my new career in a little over a week. What career might that be? Well I’m glad you asked. I’m going to be a professional baseball player. How does that work? Simple.

First off, I’m going to a Cubs Fantasy camp this week. My dad has gone a couple of times with his brothers and he absolutely loved it. He’s been counting down the days until I turn 30 so I can go with him.

The camp is run by Randy Hundley and a bunch of other old time Cubs players. You go down to the Cubs spring training facilities in Arizona, and get to play a couple of baseball games each day with other Cubs fans and with a few of the old timers as coaches. Its just like you are actually on the team, except every one is old, and not quite as coordinated as a professional baseball player.

So, how does this fit into my making the real Cubs team? Apparently you haven’t been paying attention for the past hundred years or so. Seriously, how could I not make the team? Their crazy spending this year may have put a damper on my plans as they have acquired a number of big name free agents. But not to fear, they always have room for a pitcher or two. Have I ever pitched before? No, but I have thrown out my shoulder playing disc golf on more than one occasion, and what good is a Cubs pitcher if his arm isn’t busted? Plus, I’m sure I can learn to pitch left handed. Everyone needs another left handed pitcher. If the pitching thing doesn’t work out, I can always play my usual position, which is second base. I think the Cubs had five second basemen on their roster at the same time last year. You never know when they’ll need another.

So whether or not I make the team, I’m really looking forward to trip. It should be a blast. The only problem is that I don’t get back until Sunday. Superbowl Sunday that is. My plane touches down at about the same time that kickoff is scheduled. My hope is that the game starts late. I’m DVRing it anyway, so I’ll just have to get home without hearing the score and then watch it on tape delay. Figures the first time the Bears make the Superbowl in 20 years and I’m going to miss it.

Not that you would expect me to post more than once a week any more, but just in case you are looking for a midweek post to help get you through the week, its probably not going to happen. Although, might bring a laptop to play some poker at night after all the old people go to bed.

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