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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

XBoxes for All

And by all I mean me.

The XBox elite package that I won on Pokerstars for being the 11th best poker playing blogger in the world finally arrived today. It even came with an extra game that I wasn't expecting. The game was NCAA 2007 March Madness which is kind of cool except that of all the game genres Sports is probably my least favorite, and of all the sports, basketball is also one of my least favorites. Combine that with a game system that I really have no use for, or overwhelming desire to play and you get a pretty disappointing prize for the amount of time I put in to win it. Plus its going to end up costing me more money because I'm going to end up buying another controller, and a wireless network adapter, and an XBox live subscription and the hd-dvd add-on. I'd sell it on EBay but I don't think I'd get that much for it, and I'm too lazy to deal with it. Plus Halo looks pretty cool. Man, winning free stuff is a pain in the ass. Maybe I should bitch some more.

My wife and I were watching High Stakes Poker last night when an add for PokerStars came on featuring freerolls with trips to Atlantis as top prizes. She asks, "is that the vacation you didn't win?" She's even less than impressed with the XBox than I am. Maybe next I won't tell her what the top prize is until I actually win it.

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At 9:32 PM, Blogger CIII said...

Nice blog. I'd lighten up a bit on the booby prize though. Hey, when you get anything for grinding out the tourney's on PStars be happy and enjoy it. Just the fact that you bubbled out says a lot about your game dude. I made 2 of those Final Tables in the pre-lims only to get bad beat out for the big prize later on. So an X-Box isn't all that bad. On the other hand I am an avid video gamer and so is my wife but whatever. Great blog! Well done. Keep up the good work. I would ilke to do a link exchange. Let me know.




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