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Thursday, February 28, 2008

lolcats Poker Contest

About a week ago a friend IM-ed me telling me that I he was going to enter this contest on where he could win a trip to Vegas, and that I should tell my many readers to vote for him. Of coarse, being the lazy bastard that he his, he has not yet submitted a picture, so I can't tell you to vote for it. If you'd like to check it out, or send in your own the details are here.

Now. What the hell is icanhascheezburger, or an lolcat you might ask? I certainly did. Apparently it is a fairly well known site where users submit funny pictures, usually of cats, and add clever captions. Its all very amusing. I asked a bunch of other people if they had heard of the site because I thought my friend had stumbled onto some new uncharted part of the internet, but a surprising number had already been to the site, and seemed unimpressed with the fact that I had found it.

And this is the part where I claim I should be a gagillionaire. These people put up some retarded site with with stupid pictures and bad grammar and as far as I can tell are making a fortune doing it. They must be doing something right if they can afford to give away a trip to Las Vegas. If these idiots can put this crappy site up there and get a ton of traffic then why can't I think of something just a little bit better and profit even more? And don't say it requires more than four posts a month smart ass. You just wait. I'll get that fifth post in there tomorrow.

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