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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bears Trip

Last year my friends and I started what I hope will become our annual Bears trip. This is where we all meet in the city of Bears away game for a weekend of heavy drinking, and watching of football. And drinking. Did I mention the drinking?

Last year we went to Atlanta and if not for the last 11 seconds of the Bears game it was an awesome weekend. The stadium, as well as a number of other bars and restaurants were all within walking distance of our hotel, which was really convenient.

The NFL schedule came out yesterday so we have to figure out where to go. I'll be traveling from Chicago. Two of my friends are coming from the East coast, so games out there work better for them. The fourth member of our group is working in Japan for a year, so I'm fairly certain that he's out no matter what, but if there was any chance of him making it to one of the games I think it would have to be on the West Coast.

Here's our options. I don't know very much about most of these cities, so I'm open to suggestions.

9/13 - Green Bay Packers - Opening week. I doubt we can get affordable tickets, and I don't particularly want to go to Green Bay, even if it is one of the more convenient options on the list.

9/27 - Seattle Seahawks - This is one of my top choices. I'd like to visit Seattle at some point. Why not see a football game too? I'm concerned that it would be tough to get tickets though since their fans are pretty hard core.

10/18 - Atlanta Falcons - We already went to Atlanta, but I thought it worked out well. I'd go again. It might be more difficult to get tickets this time around since they might actually be expected to be decent this year, but I think its a good bet.

10/25 - Cincinnati Bengals - I don't know why by I think Cinci is a ghetto town. I've never been, but if I was to pick the most likely place on this list to get stabbed walking down the street it would be Cinci. Actually it would be Detroit, but Cinci would be a close second. It does look like there is some stuff to do near the stadium, so this might work out.

11/12 - San Fransisco 49ers - Another one of my top choices. This has the added benefit of the Niners being terrible so the chances of a Bear win and us getting good seats significantly improve.

11/29 - Minnesota Vikings - meh. Walking around Minnesota in November doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Plus I'd have to listen to that asshole blow his Viking horn for three hours.

12/20 - Baltimore Ravens - Might be good, except for the cold and the fact that I can't go anywhere that weekend because of my wife's cousin's Wedding.

1/3 - Detroit Lions - Walking around Detroit, while probably not fun at any time of the year would be even less fun in January. Plus I don't know about the New Years travel chaos.

So there's the options. I think its probably going to come down to Seattle, San Fran, Atlanta and Cinci. Anyone know of a reason why I should or should not take one of those?

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