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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rush Poker Part 2

Hey wow two posts in one day! See the post below for an explanation of rush poker.

So I tried a little rush poker. I played less than half an hour at the $0.05/$0.10 table. Big money I know. In that time I played 110 hands playing a single table. Its intense. You fold and split seconds later the action is back on you. Here's some observations from my first exposure.

  • Its fast. The average hands per hour at a rush table was around 275 compared to 80 at a normal table.
  • I couldn't figure out how to leave a table because it won't let you stand up while you're in a hand, and as soon as you fold you're in another hand. (check the sit out next hand box, then stand up)
  • You can't build an image. There's not really a point in trying to build an image, or play sneaky or opposite what you were playing because you're not going to be at the table with these people next hand.
  • Play is tighter. I'm used to micro limit tables having more people see the flop than not. If you can exchange your rags, or even your somewhat playable cards for a new hand immediately why waste time with garbage?
  • Its fast.
  • Sometimes I miss watching a hand to completion. You know those hands where you kind of want to stay in, but know you shouldn't? And you fold, but want to stick around to see what the other players have? You can't. As soon as you fold you're off to a new hand and you don't get to see what happened in the one you just left. I think you can go back and look at the hand history, but by the time you do three or four more hands have completed and you don't remember what you were looking for anyway.
  • Its fast. Did I mention its fast? There were some pros playing at the $0.50/$1 tables four tabling. I have no idea how they can do that.
  • If I remember correctly, they have an iron man promotion that rewards you for getting X number of FullTilt points each day in a month. It wouldn't take long to get there playing Rush style.
  • I actually made a profit. I more than doubled my $10 investment. That in itself is a miracle as I am not a good cash game player. I think the tighter play, both for me and my opponents contributed to that. Plus the small sample size and quitting while I'm ahead thing.

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At 9:34 PM, Blogger ithinkyoureamazing said...

I couldn't figure out how to leave either! I ended up killing the whole program to leave because the program wouldn't let me :(


I ended up losing $10 playing it.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger ZeRat11 said...

They should make the stand up button at least stop you from starting any more hands, or prompt you to sit out first. Maybe it will get fixed in future versions.


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