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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

PokerRoom Implements their own Poker Tracker

I got an email from PokerRoom today, as I'm sure all their customers did, and there were a few interesting items in it.

First, they now have a session browser where you can view all your poker sessions, analyze hand histories and track your results. At first glance, it looks to work similarly to PokerTracker. I think they pull the data off of your local hard drive rather than their server as the hand history has a disclaimer stating that there may be some inaccuracies in the data and that the server data takes precedence. Here's a screenshot if you are interested.

It is lacking many of the details that PokerTracker offers, suck as opponent information, and grouped stats by position, and starting hand, but it's a start. Hopefully they will add in some tournament support, and allow you to query their server to fill in data that may have missed when playing on another machine or with their java client.

I haven't played too much at other sites, so maybe this is nothing new, its the first time I've seen anything like it directly from the poker site.

The second thing in their email is that, they have a 30% reload bonus, up to $300, valid until Feb 27th. Use bonus code MONACO. I'd be tempted to drop some more cash in to chase the bonus, except that I tend to lose about as much cash chasing bonuses as the bonus covers, so there isn't much point. Maybe its good practice.


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