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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Final Four

So I owe the Illini an apology. I gave up on them. With four minutes left, the Illini down by 15 and playing like crap I thought their season was over. The Cubs fan in me figured that if there was a way to lose they could find it, and they did. Except, this Illinois team isn’t cursed like the Chicago National League Ball Club, and they somehow found a way to win it.

About a month ago some friends from work invited us over tonight. At the time I had no idea the Illini would be in the elite eight and attempting to make it to the final four on that same night. I should really plan these things better. We were supposed to get to their place at about 8, and since they live an hour away, that would mean I would have to leave my house during halftime to make it in time. Fortunately another coworker of mine lives a few minutes from them, and he is possibly the biggest sports fan on the planet, in addition to being an alumnus of U of I. The plan was to watch the game at his house, then carpool over to the party.

Well, as the Illini started to choke in the second half we started talking about leaving so we could get to the party on time. No reason to be late just so we could watch the Illini lose. As time ticked away, and they kept missing threes while giving up easy baskets on the other end, we got less and less interested in seeing the final few minutes. So with four minutes remaining in the game, we got in the car and left.

I think the fact that I wasn’t watching them was part of the reason things turned around. I seem to have that affect on games sometimes. The further we away we got, the closer the Illini got, until before I knew it they had miraculously tied it up. As overtime looks more like a possibility, my friend starts driving faster and faster, in an effort to get to the party before the game is over so we can at least see the end.

We get there with a few minutes left in overtime, and get to see Illinois hold on for an amazing come from behind win to earn their first final four appearance since I was in the sixth grade.

So, to the University of Illinois basketball team, I’m sorry I doubted you. It won’t happen again. At least until next Saturday.


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