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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Birthday Tournament Summary

Well, my birthday game with the family is over, and everyone survived, although just barely. We only had 11 players. My wife’s cousin bailed to go to the South Side Irish parade, so I was the only one around that knew what they were doing. Not that it helped me much.

I think I finished in 7th or 8th. We started with two tables, and at mine, no one would bet. I couldn’t get anything worth playing, and every one else played any two cards, and there was no logic behind anyone’s bets, so it was real tough to even read anything.

My father in law was one of the most frustrating players. He was either a really good actor, or he wasn’t paying attention. When it was his turn he would act surprised that it was his turn, then check/call, no matter what. I think he actually bet once or twice all night, but I have no idea why. The worst was that he just kept hitting hands. He got real short stacked midway through, and I was just praying for him to go out, just for the sake of making the game move along better, but he doubled up two or three times and went on to finish in second.

My parents weren’t much better. The checking instead of folding concept just wouldn’t sink in. Now granted, I’ve folded a few times in my career when I could have checked, but it seemed like every time they would have to bet, they would try to fold, rather than just checking, and I would have to explain to them that they could just check. Everyone would then check around, and then, they would just do it again on the next card. The blinds also confused them, as they never knew when to stop the betting in the first round. Everyone would call the big blind, and the big blind would check, and then the UTG would check, and first position would check, and I think if I let them they would still be stuck in a loop checking around pre-flop even now.

I ended up going out when the blinds were 50/100 and I had pocket fives. I had about $T340 (We started w/$T400) and I figured if I went in they would be shocked by the large raise, and fold. My dad called with J8s, and my father in law called with A6o. He hit a six on the turn to knock us both out.

The other table seemed to go pretty well. Either my sister knew how to play, or she’s a quick learner because from what I overheard, she was doing a good job of officiating, and their games seemed to move along pretty smoothly.

By the time we finished, I think everyone was getting tired of playing, but all in all I think everyone had a good time. I never thought trying to teach people to play a game could be so exhausting. Next time I’m making them buy in.



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