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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sometimes I hate ring games

I finally received my $50 cashout From FullTilt. It was just in time, because I think the February deposit bonus for Party ends today. So I got my deposit in and got a fat $10 bonus. You're all jealous of my vast riches I know.

I only had to play 70 hands to get the bonus. The good news is, I did that easily within an hour. The bad news is it cost me $20. I remember saying a few months ago, that I was never playing low limit ring games again, and if I ever did that someone should kick me the balls for being so stupid. This was supposed to be different. I'm a much better player now. And I had to clear a bonus. And I really want to be a better limit player because I get burnt out after too many tourneys in a row.

So anyway, I had a session that is probably typical of these limits. In one hour, I had pocket Jacks, Queens and Kings cracked. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the ways that it happened. An over card never came on the flop. In the case of the Jacks and the one of the Kings, I had top pair until the river when an Ace came at which point I knew I was beat. For some reason I was compelled to call their bets on the river, maybe so they would see my cards and see how lucky they got, I don't know. It was just one of those things where I knew I was ahead, but vulnerable, and did everything I could to get other players out of the pot, but to no avail. I'll spare you the rest of my bad beat stories, but holy crap am I frustrated.


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