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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ESPN Poker Club

ESPN has this new poker game on their site. At first I thought it was just one of their fantasy games, but it is an actual poker room, using a MicroGaming skin. Other MicroGaming skins include Royal Vegas Poker and 7 Sultans. ESPN's version is play money of course, but they are giving away one ticket to the 2005 WSOP championship.

Each week, players who play 750 hands, or win 3 single table tournaments, or win 1 three table tournament qualify for a weekly tournament. Winners of that tournament, or the top X players, or something like that get into the final event on May 15th, with the winner of that going to the WSOP.

At the very least, its a freeroll with a shot at the WSOP. And I'd have to think the play would be pretty weak. Its worth checking out maybe. I tried a SNG, and it was pretty much an all-in fest, but at least it went quick. If you are interested, go here.


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