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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Monthly Tournament Coming Up

So, our mostly monthly big poker tournament is this weekend. By big I mean usually 15-20 people. At least that beats our 5-8 people weekly office game, that hasn’t happened since November. I think we can officially declare the office game dead as one of the three mainstays left for a new job starting this week.

Back to the monthly. It’s being held in the far south suburbs, (Plainfield for those of you familiar with the Chicagoland Area). Last time we played there, there were a significant number of bad players. There’s usually the same core ten or so players, but the others always differ. The people that show up to the Plainfield game are not so good. I’d be pretty confident going in, except that my play has changed significantly since the last live game I was in, and I don’t know how well that will translate to this game.

No one in our game is going to be a pro anytime soon. The game is much more passive than online, where I’ve put in a large number of hours recently. I think I play much more aggressively now, and I’m not sure what sort of reaction I might expect to this type of play. I guess the players can’t be any worse that what you run into on Party, but who knows.

The biggest adjustment that I’m going to have to make is remembering to keep track of the size of the pot. Without the Party keeping track for me it will be tough. I used to make bets based on the size of the blind, 1x,2x,3x BB bets, but lately I’ve been basing the vast majority on the size of the pot, which I think is a better plan. I need to remember to keep a tally going as the hand progresses, or I’m gonna be screwed. Or, maybe I’m just making stuff up to confuse my friends who will be playing in the game, and are reading this post hoping to gains some insight into my strategy.

Anyway, I’ll have a report up on Sunday to let you know how I did.


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