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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

WPBT Event #3

Well, this WPBT event didn’t go quite so well for me as I ended up in a disappointing 77th out of 109, not even making it to the first break. I don’t think I necessarily played badly; I just wasn’t getting the cards today.

I played in a SNG before hand to warm up and got absolutely zero cards. I finished seventh in that when my KJo saw a jack high flop, and lost to AJ. I was hoping that I got all the bad cards out of my system, but no such luck.

I missed the first hand or two of the tournament, because I suckered into watching Lost, and I think it went a little late. When I got there I saw that both BadBlood and Mrs Blood were seated at my table. I declare shenanigans.

Maybe I was playing too tight, but I just don’t think I was getting the cards. I played a total of ten hands out of the 56 that I could have played. Five of those were from the big blind, and two from the small blind. I think there were a few hands where my pre-flop bet earned me some blinds that aren’t included in those stats, but regardless, I didn’t play a lot.

Mrs Blood was to be my nemesis for this tourney. Whenever I was in a pot, she was there with me, usually calling my bluffs. I had AQo four times, and it seemed like every time, I was up against her. The first, time, she had just beaten KK with her AA, and on the very next hand, gets KK to beat my AQ. I probably didn’t play that hand right, but her check on the turn told me that she wasn’t too sure of her hand either, so I bet again on the river and lost. The next time I AQ, I missed the flop completely and bluffed at it. She called and then I had to fold when she raised me on the turn. At this point I’m convinced that she has a perfect read on me, and I’m afraid to enter a pot with her. The third time I got AQ, I raised her BB to 3x and after thinking about it for a while, she finally folded.

I won three other hands all night, and none of them were worth writing about. I finally went out when I had 99 in the small blind. I had T900ish remaining and the blinds where 50/100. It was folded to me, and I raised to 200. The BB raised back and I went all in. He had JJ and hit a third jack on the flop.

Bah. I really don’t expect to do all that well in these tournaments, given the fact that everyone involved should be a better than average player, but I’m still frustrated with the result.

Maybe next time.


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