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Friday, April 29, 2005

Short Handed SNG

I logged into PokerRoom for the first time in a long time the other day. I was in the mood for some SNG’s, but didn’t really have all that much time, so I figured I try out their new shorthanded SNG’s. Actually, they aren’t really that new. They debuted a few months ago, but that was right about the time when I started playing at PokerStars and Party Poker, so I haven’t gotten a chance to try them.

When I first heard about them, they hardly seemed worth the effort. Five player tournament where top two pay 70%/30%. Sounds ok except that the entrance fee is 20% of the total prize pool. Originally, I discounted them as not having a high enough payoff to be worth my time, but I have heard that they are easy money. There is usually one, and sometimes two morons that go out in the first few hands, and then you only have to beat one or two more players to be in the money. I decided I’d give it a try.

The end result is I played in six, and came in third three times, first once and fourth twice. Not quite the results I was looking for. I obviously need to play a few more to make any sort of scientific analysis, but I don’t think I’m going to be playing them much.

I couldn’t really figure out an effective strategy. I alternated between super aggressive, “its going to cost you a lot to try to suck out on me” mode and “I’m going to try to see as many cheap flops as I can and try to outplay you on the flop” mode, and neither worked out quite how I wanted.

It was tough to get into a rhythm. Normally, by the time we are down to 5 players in a SNG, the blinds have moved up a few levels, and the chip stacks are not quite even. This alters my style of play. Here, everyone had 1500 chips, and the blinds were a measly little 10/20. I think this just threw me off and I just didn’t play smart. These tournaments are especially frustrating to lose since you start off only three people from the money.

I’ve been playing almost all ring games lately, but I think I’m going to try some multi table tourneys this weekend. A WSOP super satellite or two is sounding real tempting.



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