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Thursday, April 21, 2005

24 Hours From Retirement.

The Illinois Lotto Mega game is up to over $200 Million this week. I broke down and three coworkers and we each bought $5 worth of tickets. We think that by taking the lump sum payment option and by factoring in taxes and what not, we should each get about $15 Million. That should be enough to retire on.

It’s kind of funny, the more my job starts to suck the more appealing the lottery becomes. I’m sure that’s normal. I wonder if there have been any studies, on the correlation between nationwide workplace moral and lottery ticket purchases. In a similar vein, trying to get into the WSOP main event also becomes more attractive, even though I don’t really like my chances of ever qualifying. I don’t really have the time to play in satellites, and even if I did, I think I would be better served by entering an event that paid out in cash rather than a ticket to another tournament that I probably won’t money in. I could sure use the however many millions of dollars the main event is going to pay out though. Maybe it’s worth a try.

Regardless of my chances of success, as I become more fed up with the 9-5, I’m looking for ways out. I thought about quitting my job and becoming a poker pro, but it’s probably going to be tough to make a living on $0.50/$1.00 limit games and $10 SNGs, no matter how crappy the players at Party are.

So maybe I’ll try to win my way into the WSOP after all. The Party Steps tournaments seem intriguing. I haven’t looked at the details much, but what happens when everyone has a ton of tickets to WSOP Step tournaments, and the WSOP main event has already passed? Do they roll over until next year, or can you convert them to cash or free rolls into another SNG, or are you just SOL?

For those of you that haven’t seen it, FullTiltPoker has a promotion where you can win a stake of their poker pro’s take in the main event. Winning that is probably the easiest way to get a piece of the WSOP main event prize pool.

There is a blogger event on PokerStars next week. We are going to be sending a blogger to the $1500 NL Holdem event at the World Series. Unfortunately I’m not going to be playing since in the unlikely event that I win, I wouldn’t be able to make the $1500 event in Vegas, but it would be cool to see a blogger win that tournament.

So anyway, in a little over a day, all those worries will be behind me anyways as I prepare to collect my share of $200 Million.


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