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Friday, April 08, 2005

Some Random Comments

I finally caught an episode of WPT this week. I usually forget to watch it because we just got the Travel Channel on my cable system, so I never remember when it’s on.

I think it’s almost as much fun to watch Mike Matusow lose a hand, especially via a bad beat, as it is watching Phil Helmuth.

You would think with all the money PokerStars makes they could and Party make they could afford to have some decent commercials. I’ve seen local cable Menards commercials that were done better. Oh wait; these are the free .net versions that are in no way affiliated with the evil real money gambling sites out there.


I changed the default notification wav on my IM client to be the sound Party makes when someone adds chips to a pot. It really annoys the guy sitting next to me because he thinks I’m playing poker, and wants to play/watch. Is that sound recognizable to people that don’t play online? Could it be the universal sound for placing a wager?


The new WPBT standings are up, and despite my poor showings in the last two events I’m still in 6th place. A lot of people are close though, so I better finish in the money again soon if I want to stay in the top 20.


There’s a poker game in the city tomorrow. Looks like there will be a low turnout. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully I’ll have a report on Sunday.


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