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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Illini Loss

It’s been about 20 hours since the Illini lost and it’s still sinking in. I guess I should be thankful that since they had a pretty incredible season, which most teams could only dream of. Still, they came so close. They were only 6 seconds away from a perfect season, and one game, you could probably argue two or three minutes since they were tied at the end, from a National Championship. The worst thing is that they will probably never have another team that is this good, and coming up short of the National Championship is quite frustrating. Hopefully their success this year will convince some top high-school players to go to U of I in the near future and they can become a perennial contender.

Oh well. Time for baseball season. I’m sure the Cubs will provide me with plenty of things to bitch about in the next few months. Is a sports fan complaining about their team worse than a poker player complaining about bad beats?


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