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Friday, April 22, 2005

Party Poker Bonus Codes

In case you haven’t seen it elsewhere, Party Poker has a new reload bonus for April. Use bonus code BONUSAPR for an 20% bonus, up to $100. The offer is only valid until April 27th.

If you don’t already play at Party, then you are missing out a real profitable opportunity. You know the saying that goes “if you can’t find the sucker at your table then it’s probably you”? Well I think there should be another saying: “If you are playing online and can’t don’t see at least three fish at your table, then you aren’t playing at Party Poker.”

If you haven’t signed up there yet you can use bonus code PKRWORD125 to get a flat $25 bonus on your initial deposit, or you can use bonus code PKRWORD120 to get a 20% bonus, up to a $100 bonus.

< / end party poker commercial>

I have some spare funds burning a hole in my pocket on Neteller, so now I’m pretty sure where that is going to. Unless I win the Lotto tonight.


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