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Friday, May 20, 2005

More on Party Poker IPO

I found another story on Party Poker's IPO.

Check out the article here

One line I found discouraging is the following:

The line-up indicates the offer is likely to be pushed hard in Continental Europe as well as Britain, as gaming restrictions mean shares cannot be offered in the United States.

From that I read that I won't be able to purchase shares should they go public, which might eliminate my early retirement plan D. (A was tech stocks, B was winning the lotto, and C was WSOP-- 0 for 3 so far). I'm sure there will be ways to buy shares, but say I wanted to use my Ameritrade account or normal US brokerage or something. Would they block me from purchasing shares? Anyone in the U.S. own shares in whatever that company is that owns Paradise Poker?

The article also mentions that, the people behind Pacific Poker are also thinking of going public.



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