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Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Fantasy Freeroll.

I finished among the top 500 fantasy poker players in the $50,000 HORSE event in FullTilt’s Fantasy Poker League which earned me entry into another freeroll. This one had a prize pool of $5000, and with probably less than half of field actually showing up could be a chance at some easy cash.

Of course tonight was the end of the season volleyball tournament, so I couldn’t play in it. I recruited a friend to play in my stead, at least until I got home. I correctly assumed that we wouldn’t last too long in the volleyball tournament, so I could pick up for him once I got home if needed.

I was about three minutes from home, and I get a phone call my friend, who informs me that he just busted out. Apparently those players sitting out were too much for him, as he probably lost to every single one of them, finishing a dismal 432/500.

Too be fair, he did have aces when he went out, and had the best hand when all the chips went in the pot, but his opponent spiked a second pair on the river to send him home. At least that’s what he claims. All I know is who’s off the list next time I need a stand in. Maybe I should just sit out for the first hour and take my chances. At least I would have done better than 432nd.



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