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Saturday, April 07, 2007

$75 Challenge

We interrupt this practically dormant poker blog for some actual poker content.

I haven't played online since Neteller stopped accepting transactions for US customers. I think that was mid January. What's the point of winning money if I can't get to it? Well, I can't take it anymore. I miss poker. Plus I know for a fact I can get money out of at least one site. And that is where my $75 challenge comes in.

I cashed out of PokerStars shortly after the Neteller fiasco, but have since earned a $75 commission as an affiliate for signing someone up. I usually get one such sign up every month or two, but as depositing options are becoming scarce I don't know if that will continue. Somehow I doubt it.

So, my challenge is going to be to play that $75 into some considerably larger sum of money. And I'm going to do it playing SNG's. Since that has to last for quite a while I'm going to set a schedule for the levels that I will play at in order to maximize my playing time. If I make it to some of the higher stakes games I'll be pretty happy with myself, but mostly I would expect to slowly climb up in stakes. Especially since I'm still not going to be playing all that often.

StakesMove DownMove Up

So I'll be starting at the $10 level, and have to get my bankroll all the way to $250 before I can move up to $20s. If I don't cash in my first three attempts, I'll be at $32 and down to the $5 level where I'll have to climb all the way back to $100 before moving back up.

I may occasionally enter some MTT's but probably not often because of the time factor and the fact that I have a very tight budget, and can't afford the long droughts that sometimes come with bigger events.

I'll keep you updated on how this works out.


In other poker news, since our second monthly event of the year won't happen until the last weekend in April, we're having a mini gathering tonight. I've been lobbying for increased starting chip sizes. I've gotten some support as well as the expected "our games take long enough as it is" responses. I'd push the more chips means luck is less of a factor, and skill more of a factor, but everyone seems to think that I'm one of the more skilled players there, so I don't think that would help my cause.

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