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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Instant Checks on FullTilt

I should be writing up a trip report, but instead I give you this. FullTilt apparently has a new deposit method: Instant eChecks. I received the following in an email this weekend.

We believe our best players should receive the best possible service so we're pleased to inform you that you have been specially selected to participate in a Beta release of our newest, most efficient payment processing option yet - Instant eChecks.

Just click on the Instant eChecks button in the Cashier and fill in the required information to instantly and securely transfer money from your personal checking account to your Full Tilt Poker account. It's that simple.

They must be really hurting if I rank high enough on their list to qualify for the special beta release of this program. I haven't played there in many months. And even when I did it wasn't at very high stakes. Oh well. Maybe this will get more people back into online poker.

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