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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tourney Time

Time for the NCAA tournament.


I think I've watched a total of three college basketball games this year. I have no idea who's good or not. All I know is my Illini suck.

So I filled out a few brackets for various pools, but nothing that I'm proud of. I normally post my picks so you can see who not to choose, but I basically took the favorite all the time so you can probably guess what I picked.

Just for fun here's one of my final four picks.

UNC, Georgetown, Memphis and Uconn. UNC over Memphis in the championship.

I hate UNC. How did they make it that far? I eliminated Kansas and Duke for no specific reason other than that I hate them. Lets see who else I picked.

I don't do that whole "sheet of integrity thing". For every pool I'm in I start from scratch and pick whoever I feel like at the time. There are often a lot of similarities but they aren't identical. And that's why I don't remember who I picked. I made my choices based on instinct at the time, weighted for how much I hate certain teams, and I moved on.

Another bracket's final four: UNC, Wisconsin, Texas, Duke. UNC over Duke in the final. Son of a bitch. I picked UNC again? I suck. Now I have to go find what I picked in my third bracket. If I picked UNC in that one I'm starting from scratch.

Crap. I must have really liked UNC for some reason. Maybe because the last thing I remember about them was them spanking the Illini in the championship game a few years ago. UNC, Wisconsin, Texas, Uconn. UNC over Texas in the final.

So I guess I'm rooting for UNC this year. Unless I manage to go back and change everything before the games start tomorrow.


Oh I'm also in a blind pool where I may very well end up with UNC too. In the blind pool you are randomly assigned a team for every entry you buy. If that team is the favorite and it covers you move on. If it is the dog and comes within the spread you take over favorite and move on. If you are the dog and your team wins you move on.

I have the Play in Winner, Clemson, St. Joes, and Gonzaga. So if UNC wins but doesn't cover in round one I'll be rooting for them in that pool too. I hate basketball

Is it baseball season yet?

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