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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Poker League

What in the? Posting again? Inconceivable!

So, some guys from our "monthly" poker league decided that it would be fun to send someone to the WSOP main event. We originally thought we would get 10 people together, we'd each put in $1000, and we would play a series of tournaments, the winner of which would go to the main event, splitting the winnings amongst the group. We then decided that in the likely event that our representative went far in the WSOP that it would be two large of a time commitment so no one would actually be able to go. The first two "days" of the main event take more than a week to play out and you're not even guaranteed to be in the money. So we dialed it back a bit. We're going to send two people to one of the $1500 events instead.

We are going to use the PokerStars home game as our league tracker. They only support nine players, but that's ok since we were barely able to get nine players to agree to the settings.

So here are the players:

Me Your hero, the reason you're here and the best poker player you know. Or something like that.

Aaron The organizer of our regular home game. Decent player, but not great. In preparation for our league we got him to read Harrington's books and I think a light has gone off.

Jason Jason has never actually been able to make one of our live games, so I have no idea how he plays, however he does a fair amount of sports betting, some which involves elaborate scenarios for who/when to bet. He's definitely a gambler so I expect him to be somewhat formidable .

Noah Somewhat conservation but strong player. Most likely to fold for three straight orbits before switching gears. If he makes it past the early round of a tournament he is a favorite to win

Archie Very good live player. He's able to read opponents very well, and knows when and how much to bet. If we were playing live I'd predict him to win it all, but he's never played online. I think that will throw him.

Smack Loose aggressive player. Probably the most experienced in online tournies out of all of us. Back in the day he would have been my favorite to win, but he's since married and has a newborn and expect that to distract him enough to cost him.

Rich The young blood. I've only played with him a few times, but he definitely knows what he is doing. He's a solid player that I don't like having at my table during our live games when there is so much dead money that could be there instead.

Cookie In our live games we play two tournaments each a night. The last two that we have had Cookie has won the first match. In doing so he becomes so incredibly drunk that he has no idea he won. He then went out on the first hand of the second tourney thinking he was invincible. This has happened twice in the last three months. If he really cared he could probably be a decent player but he barely knows the rank of hands and I don't think he cares. My nightmare is that through some cruel twist of fate we end up trusting our WSOP entry to him.

Shane Shane's an OK player. I'm not terribly impressed with his poker skills, but at our last game, in both tournaments, I managed to cripple myself in hands against him, so what do I know. At the very least he's better than Cookie.

First game is in a few minutes. I intend to at least post summaries as we go. Who knows how long I'll keep it up though.

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