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Sunday, March 04, 2012

WSPL Goes to Vegas Game 7

Into the second half of the season we go.  I didn't take notes tonight because not a lot happened to early on, and I didn't feel like I was going to last long.  Also, I'm lazy.

I managed to find myself all in a lot this tournament, and more often than not, I got in while behind.  A fortunate combinations of suckouts, when I needed them, and a bigger chip size than my opponent allowed me to stay alive for quite a while, despite my efforts to the contrary.

Not a lot of cards for me early on, once again.  I won a few small pots without much of a fight, but that was it.  My first mistake comes in the second or third blind level.  Smack raises, as he does just about every hand, and I call with big slick.  Noah then reraises and Smack bows out.  I'm thinking Noah has a strong ace, or maybe queens or jacks.  Aces and Kings are certainly reasonable here, but I convince myself that he would not be so eager to push people out of the hand with those cards.  I reraise all in, thinking I can get him to fold the range I have him in.  Terrible read on my part.  He turns over aces. He obviously doesn't want his aces cracked going against two players so his raise there is the obvious play in hind site.  Especially since he's been running into some terrible luck for this season.

That knocks me down to around $T500 chips which has me thinking I'm going to be using my first drop game.

Fortunately Smack loves to raise with just about any connected hand.  He often ends up betting enough to force a small stack to raise all-in and obligates him to call.  He usually starts off behind in these cases.  I'm able to double up through him.  Aaron and Shane are not so lucky as they go out first and second.  Aaron rage quits from teamspeak almost immediately after losing the hand.  I'm fairly certain he's still on tilt.

I use Smacks donation to hang around while everyone else eliminates themselves.  I don't remember anything else real exciting happening for me for a while.  I'm pretty sure I sucked out a couple of times, but I don't remember how, or who I was against in the hand.

Noah continues his unlucky streak when he flops two pair against Cookie's pocket kings.  The river pairs the board though and counterfeits Noah's hand, knocking him out.  He is also probably still on tilt from that.

I manage to survive to three players when my luck catches up with me.  I make a  pre-flop reraise all in with pocket jacks, and Archie calls me with AK and pairs his ace on the flop.  After that I'm in all-in or fold mode, and Archie catches me again.

Archie has a huge chip lead against Smack, which is good, because Smack is going to overtake me in the points. If Archie wins it won't be as bad. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the heads up match, but Smack quickly turns things around and dispatches with Archie.

Here are the current standings.  Three of us are pulling away from the pack, but I think most people are still reasonably in the hunt.

Week 7 Results
  1. Smack
  2. Archie
  3. Me
  4. Jason
  5. Rich
  6. Cookie
  7. Noah
  8. Shane
  9. Aaron
Total Points
  1. Me (59 Points)
  2. Smack (58)
  3. Cookie (55)
  4. Archie (43)
  5. Aaron (42)
  6. Rich (38)
  7. Shane (36)
  8. Jason (29)
  9. Noah (22)
Total Points (After dropping their worst two)
  1. Smack (53)
  2. Me (49)
  3. Cookie (47)
  4. Aaron (39)
  5. Archie (37)
  6. Shane (34)
  7. Rich (33)
  8. Jason (28)
  9. Noah (21)

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