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Sunday, March 02, 2014

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 03/07

Ug.  That's about all I can say about tonight.  I was hoping to ride last week's performance into something better this week, but it was not to be.  It was one of those nights when pretty much nothing went right.

I'm going to make my cat take most of the blame for this.  He's an asshole.  When he's hungry or for whatever reason decides that he needs attention he becomes the most obnoxious furball in the history of pets.  He walks on your keyboard, knocks anything and everything he can find off your desk, tries to head butt you, and then starts biting.  He's a complete douchbag.  And I'm a cat guy.  I love cats.

Anyway, he's going through his routine as I'm trying to play.  I would put him out of the room but then he would start scratching at the door, or try to bust into my two year old daughter's room, who just went to bed. So there are a few borderline hands that I opt not to play because I'm know I'm distracted.  I tell myself I'm make smart conservative decisions.  Its just one of those days where every hand you fold would have hit the flop huge, and every hand you play misses completely.  I'm slightly tilty from that but I'm aware of it and I think I have it under control.

Three big hands are what untimately kill me.

1.  I have 64o in one of the blinds.  I've had terrible hands all night though so this is actually one of my better starting hands.  And the flop is four handed 537 with two spades.  I bet a smallish amount. I don't want to scare people away.  I know I should because the flush is there, but I don't.  Two fold one stays.  The turn is a flush.  I check he min bets and I call.  River is nothing.  Check Check he has a weak flush and I'm in trouble. I guess I should have tried to push him out on the flop, but if I can't get a big pot off of flopping a 7 high straight then I'm not going to far anyway.

2.  I have pocket sevens and call Mark's raise.  He flop is 833.  He bets I raise, he calls.  The pot is about the size of my stack, which he bets when an ace comes up on the turn.  I think about it for a long time, and eventually fold.  I figure he has an ace, or an overpair.  Anything other than an ace on the flop and I probably call, but I can't put him on anything that I can beat.   I fold and now I have to wait for a premium hand or I'm done.

3.  Does ATs count as a premium hand?  Three orbits later and its by far the best I've seen.    There are a couple limpers and I push all-in.   I get called by JT.  Of coarse he catches a Jack on the river and I'm busted in 9th place.  Yes that was a shitty bad beat story. I don't care.  This is probably the most frustrated I've ever been at poker.


Here is this week's results, and the overall standings.

  1. Shane
  2. Aaron
  3. Mark
  4. Archie
  5. Jason M
  6. Jason S
  7. Jason K
  8. Noah
  9. Me
  10. Greg

And the overall standings
  1. Jason M (55)
  2. Aaron (55)
  3. Mark (49)
  4. Shane (46)
  5. Jason S (40)
  6. Archie (38)
  7. Greg (37)
  8. Me (26)
  9. Noah (20)
  10. Jason K (19)

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