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Sunday, January 12, 2014

WSPL Goes to Vegas episode 3/1

The new year brings with it the new season of the WSPL.    This year Rich, our second place finisher from season two opted out since he wouldn't be able to make many of the games.  Our season one winner Greg is back, and we added a new player Jason S.

We now have ten players.  The problem with this is PokerStars has nine player tables, so we play five handed until the first casualty.  Which ended up taking while.

Nothing super exciting happened for me this round.  I was pretty card dead, and wasn't hitting many flops.  I'm also trying to play conservatively this year, to amass as many points as possible, even in games when I don't win.

The one reasonably exciting hand I had I was short stacked and went all in pre flop with ATo.  Jason S, one of the chip leaders called with KQo.  He proceeded to flop a king and hit a queen on the turn.  But the river gave me a jack to complete my straight.

Shortly thereafter though I ran my AK into pocket Aces which left me with $T25 in chips.  I was dealt a pair of threes, but got called by a pair of fives, and I don't even remember.  I do remember spiking a three on the river only to find out that the mystery hand had picked up a straight.

So I went out in a pathetic 8th place.

Mark, last years winner was down to $T100 before all of my exciting hands happened, yet managed to keep doubling up to the point where he was the chip leader by the time there were four left.  He managed to ride that to a second place finish.

Week one standings are as follows

  1. Aaron
  2. Mark
  3. Jason M
  4. Jason S
  5. Greg
  6. Shane
  7. Archie
  8. Me
  9. Jason K
  10. Noah

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