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Sunday, March 31, 2013

WSPL Goes To Vegas Episode 2/7

Week 7 was interesting. For the first hour or so, the short stack couldn't lose an all in.

 It took over 35 minutes before our first casualty.  Aaron and Shane went out around the same time, then it was another 45 minutes before we lost another player.

At one point Jason lost an all-in, leaving him with 7 chips.  The antes at the time were 10.  He won the next four or five hands in a row, and went up to over 1500; A few orbits later and he was at over 4000.

I went out in sixth place. I was short stacked for a while then by the rules of the night doubled up a few times to get be consistently 2nd in chips.  I lost a reasonably big pot chasing a flush draw, then lost everything when I though I  hit a big blind special.  I had J6 and the flop was 55J.  Unfortunately for me Mark had Q5 and over an hour into the tourney and I only got 4 points to show for it.  Archie and Rich dropped out shortly after I did. Leaving Mark, Jason and Noah.  At this point it looks like Mark is taking one of the spots, so I'm rooting for him , or Jason to win. Jason is near the bottom with little to no chance of competing.   Noah on the other hand  could get back in the chase with a strong finish.

Noah and Jason teamed up to take Mark down, and then Noah ground out the win.  Earlier on Noah made a comment that he had won every time he made it to the antes stage of the tourney.  Unfortunately that is still the case.

Here are the standings for today, and overall

  1. Noah
  2. Jason
  3. Mark
  4. Rich
  5. Archie
  6. Me
  7. Cookie
  8. Shane
  9. Aaron

And the overall standings
  1. Mark (64/54 dropping worst 2)
  2. Rich (59/50)
  3. Noah (53/52)
  4. Me (49/45)
  5. Jason (40/35)
  6. Aaron (36/31)
  7. Archie(35/33)
  8. Cookie (26/23)
  9. Shane (19/18)

Noah moved back into contention for a spot, I'm barely still in it.   Jason has quietly had a nice run,with two thirds and a second place finish in the last three.  I would say Shane, Cookie, Archie and Aaron are out of it, unless they manage to win at least three of the remaining games.

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