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Sunday, March 17, 2013

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 2/5

To say week 5 went poorly for me would be an understatement.  My computer crashed just before the tourney kickoff so I started out alone at the second table.  Shane, then Jason that Archie got added one by one, and each of them took a bunch of my chips.  I played a bunch of pots and missed hitting every time.  I tried pushing people out of hands but no one would fold.  Nothing went right.  And then when I decided to switch to super tight only ultra premium hand mode I would see the flop hit the hands I folded nine times out of ten.

The only thing that went right for me is that Cookie managed to bust out before me.  He was simultaneously playing poker, sim city, and doing a major system update for a client.

I made my final push with JTs and ran into Rich's KK to make it a quick night.  The worst part is that Mark, who was in second place at the start of the day lost a huge hand just before I went out.  And I told myself that I could wait him out.  At least for an orbit or two.

Bad Impatient Poker today.  Angry.

Time to fill out some NCAA brackets.

Here are the standings for this week.

  1. Noah
  2. Rich
  3. Jason
  4. Archie
  5. Aaron
  6. Mark
  7. Shane
  8. Me
  9. Cookie
And the totals

  1. Rich(42)
  2. Mark (41)
  3. Me (40)
  4. Noah(37)
  5. Aaron(31)
  6. Archie (24)
  7. Jason (21)
  8. Cookie (20)
  9. Shane(15)

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