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Sunday, February 24, 2013

WSPL Goes To Vegas Episode 2/2

Round two of season two was my worst showing of either season. Things started off well as I won a few small pots, then pushed Jason off of a rather large pot to get a comfortable amount of chips. This week was turning into a haves vs have nots as four of us had over 2500 chips early on and the rest had at around 1000 or less.

I got a little loose with my hand selection and and threw away a bunch of chips hoping to hit a sneaky monster hand, or just bully some small stacks. My big downfall was playing 83s in four way pot. The flop was 38T and Rich made a half pot sized be which I called, and then so did Archie. I should have raised there but I got greedy. The turn was J. Looked innocent enough. I made a decent sized bet and Archie raised. I figured he thought I was trying to steal a garbage pot so I just called, hoping to get more from him on the river. The river was a queen and now I'm in trouble. I bet and he raises. What are the odds he has a nine? He isn't the type of player to chase a straight like that. And I was right, he doesn't. He had 97 and caught the straight on the turn. That left me with less than 5 BB. I tried to steal the next pot to start chipping up, but got two callers and no help from the board.

Terrible play by me. Booooourns.

Archie and Mark did manage to play heads up for at least half an hour before Mark finally won. Archie had a huge chip lead for most of it, but just couldn't finish him off.  Mark kept getting beat down, then he would go all in and double up, then finally Mark go the lead and finished him off a few hands later.

This weeks finish:

  1. Mark
  2. Archie
  3. Aaron
  4. Rich
  5. Shane
  6. Noah
  7. Cookie
  8. Me
  9. Jason

And  the standings so far:

  1. Mark (21)
  2. Me (17)
  3. Rich (17)
  4. Archie(16)
  5. Aaron(16)
  6. Noah (7)
  7. Shane(6)
  8. Jason (5)
  9. Cookie (5)

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