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Sunday, April 08, 2012

WSPL Goes to Vegas Game 11

Game 11 started off great for me. I'm in solid second place in the standings so all I have to do is make sure the same person doesn't win the last two games to guarantee my making it to the WSOP.

Noah got off to a huge chip lead and used it to bully the table. That was fine by me because he is already mathematically eliminated from a first or second place overall finish. He knocked out Rich in a hand which probably saved me a bunch. I flopped an open ended straight draw with TJo, three handed with Noah and Rich. I checked, Noah bet and Rich pushed all-in. I got out. Noah had top pair, Rich also had TJo. He failed to complete the straight and went out first, eliminating himself from contention.

Aaron goes out shortly after that to also get eliminated. Aaron suffered a few bad beats during the tourney, both involving pocket Jacks. Lets just say he was not happy.

The other players I still need to worry about at this point are Cookie, Shane and Archie. Archie and I are both doing pretty well, Cookie and Shane are going to get blinded out any moment.

A few hands later I have AA in the big blind, and Archie raises preflop to $T240. I pop it up to T$600 and he calls. The flop is Q high. I check, hoping Archie will try to steal the pot. He has about as many chips as the are in the pot, I have about $T1000 more. He goes all in. It was exactly as I would have drawn it up had I been able to plan this hand. There is no way he bets all in if he thinks he's ahead, and if he doesn't think he is ahead, then I have dominated. I insta-call. Except instead of clicking the call button I click the fold button.

I could have just taken the chip lead and knocked out one of the contenders for my Vegas spot all in one move. Instead, I gave him a ton of chips and crippled myself.

A few hands later Archie doubles up again, through Noah when Archie rivers a full house while Noah catches his straight. Noah goes out soon there after. The good news is there are only four of us left, meaning I pick up another point. The bad news is Shane and Archie have huge chip stacks. Smack is of course still hanging around and I am in all-in or fold mode.

I last a few hands before pushing with pocket snowmen. Shane calls with KQ and proceeds to flop two pair, so I'm out in fourth place.

Archie goes out when he and Smack go all-in pre flop.  Archie has 99, Smack 44.  Smack spikes a four on the flop. Archie gets a nine on the turn and the Smack gets the case for on the river.  Archie is now also eliminated, meaning only Shane has a chance to catch me.  Smack of coarse is running away with this.

The heads up battle between Shane and Smack goes on for quite a while, but ultimately, Smack comes out ahead.

Here are the standings after week 11.

Week 11:
  1. Smack
  2. Shane
  3. Archie
  4. Me
  5. Noah
  6. Jason
  7. Cookie
  8. Aaron
  9. Rich

Totals after week 11:
  1. Smack (96 Points)
  2. Me (87)
  3. Shane (69)
  4. Cookie (66)
  5. Archie (66)
  6. Aaron (62)
  7. Rich (57)
  8. Noah (53)
  9. Jason (45)
Totals minus their worst two performances (Its been a long weekend so there is a chance my math is off here);
  1. Smack (94 Points)
  2. Me (77)
  3. Shane (67)
  4. Cookie (62)
  5. Archie (61)
  6. Aaron (57)
  7. Rich (54)
  8. Noah (52)
  9. Jason (44)

The worst I can do is 82 points since right now one of my two worst is a five pointer. The best Shane can do is 82 points, if he wins next week.  We haven't discussed tie breaker scenarios, but I think I my overall score should be enough to beat him, or maybe we play heads up, in which case I'm reasonable confident I'll win.

The last game is scheduled for tomorrow so we'll know then.

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