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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WSPL Goes to Vegas Game 8

I think consensus in our group, even amongst those players that aren't doing so well is that the home game league set up is a blast.  Its too bad you can't play for real money anymore.  None the less, if you have a group of friends who you'd like to play with on a regular basis, and can find someone you trust to be the treasurer, I would highly recommend setting up one of these leagues.

That being said, this week was a kind of boring for me.  I was a little over tired and didn't get great cards so I ended up just hanging around for a while until I finally bled out in fifth place.

I registered for the tourney earlier in the week from a different computer than what I usually use to play on.  For some reason I couldn't convince Poker Stars that I had signed out on that computer so  it wouldn't let me play from my office computer.  I ended up having to remote desktop to my other machine to play.  It was mildly annoying, but ultimately not a big deal.  Since I showed up as the tourney was starting and kept logging in and out to get the client running on my office computer I missed half of the first blind level.  I do remember getting pocket rockets in the first hand and over betting because I was flustered to take down a huge $T15 pot.

Some other confusion, our schedule master Rich had decided to increase the starting chip count from $T1500 to $T2000.  He also decided to register and not show up.  I was able to steal his blinds a lot in the first round when they were cheap, but once we merged tables I had Smack to my right and the Noah to his right.  There were very few hands where I was able to act before the pot had been raised.  Couple that with my sub par cards and as I mentioned earlier, I didn't do so well.

There were a couple of misbets that hurt some people and were rather amusing at the time.  In one hand Archie had considered raising, moving the bet slider, then changed his mind and decided to fold.  He accidentally clicked the bet button though, and after using almost all of his time back Aaron decides to call and takes down a huge pot.  Later on with blinds at $T30/60, Noah tries to make a pre-flop raise to $T180 under the gun.  His finger slips off the 8 key though and he hits $T1809 instead.  Everyone folds until Shane in the big blind.  Shane calls and takes down the hand on the flop.  I think he had pocket queens.

For most of the tournament I was just hoping to last long enough to beat Rich.  We decided that he should get zero points for not showing up, but just in case, I wanted to make sure I at least finished ahead of him.  I just barely lasted longer than him. 

Here's the results from this week's game:
  • Shane
  • Smack
  • Aaron
  • Noah
  • Me
  • Jason
  • Archie
  • Cookie
  • Rich (0 Points - No Show)
I think its a fight for the second spot now as I don't see anyone catching Smack.  Cookie going out first helps me a lot, and Aaron not winning was a good thing for me.  

 Totals after week 8
  • Smack (69 Points)
  • Me (64)
  • Cookie (57)
  • Shane(51)
  • Aaron (50)
  • Archie (46)
  • Rich (38)
  • Jason (33)
  • Noah (28)

 Totals after dropping the worst two games

  • Smack (64)
  • Me (54)
  • Cookie (51)
  • Shane (49)
  • Aaron (47)
  • Archie(41)
  • Rich (36)
  • Jason (32)
  • Noah (27)

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