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Sunday, March 18, 2012

WSPL Goes to Vegas Game 9

The summary is going to be short this week.  I was way tired and since the weather was so nice I was also having an allergy attack during the entire tournament.  I don't think it really effected the outcome or my play, just my ability to recall much of what happened.

Rich played really well. He was to my left and either had a really good read on me, or just got crazy good cards the entire time.  Every time I tried to steal a pot, or even if I thought I might be ahead he would raise me.  He was the big stack at the table by a long shot so it was tough to fire back when I could only beat a bluff.

Jason hit quads again.  He had wired queens and flopped two more.   Even better he managed to get Aaron to go all in with it. 

Smack was short stacked early on, but managed to hang around long enough to build up a decent stack and ultimately finish in second place.  I partially blame Rich for this because he accidentally created the tournament with $T2000 starting chips instead of the usual $T1500.  I think with only $T1500 Smack would have busted out.  Its probably better for me that he was in though.  At this point I am conceding that he is going to take one of the two top spots so any points he gets are points the people chasing me don't get. 

Here's the results from week 9

  1. Rich
  2. Smack
  3. Archie
  4. Me
  5. Noah
  6. Cookie
  7. Jason
  8. Aaron
  9. Shane

  1. Smack (80 Points)
  2. Me (70)
  3. Cookie (61)
  4. Archie (54)
  5. Rich (53)
  6. Shane(52)
  7. Aaron(52)
  8. Jason (36)
  9. Noah (33)

Totals after removing the worst two results
  1. Smack (75)
  2. Me (60)
  3. Cookie (55)
  4. Rich (51)
  5. Shane (50)
  6. Archie (49)
  7. Aaron (49)
  8. Jason (35)
  9. Noah (32)

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