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Sunday, February 17, 2013

WSPL Goes To Vegas Episode 2/1

Week one is in the books. Amazingly we managed to have everyone show up on time. Things started off pretty well for me. I had KK on the very first hand and won a decent sized pot. I won a few more early on to go out to a early lead before going card dead for a long time. I dropped slowly down in the standings until I was just about at the bottom before things started to turn around. There weren't any real dramatic hands that I remember, but eventually we got down to four handed, all of us with relatively even stacks. We were four handed for about half an hour before Mark went out, followed by Aaron and Rich, leaving me as the last one standing in the inaugural event for season two. Now that I've played again for the first time in about a year, some observations on the rest of the players.

  • Mark - Mark did reasonably well, he's very loose aggressive.  He also likes to chase hands which gets him into trouble.  I think he'll do well, but I probably not great, unless he works on his fold disipline.
  •  Rich - Rich played really well. I would put him as my top pick to win the league.  The exception being short handed play.  He seemed overly conservative when we were down to three handed play, even when he had a monster chip stack.  
  • Aaron - Much improved.  He's close to or in the top tier of players in the league now.
  • Archie - He's still a good player, but I don't think his game translates well to online.  He's much better at reading people live.  He may have also just gotten unlucky.  
  • Jason - I didn't get a good read on Jason. He went out early, and I don't recall anything significant that he did wrong.  It might just have been one of those nights.
  • Shane - Didn't play well.  Lost a lot of chips with a weak flush early on.  Then seemed distracted and made a bad call to bust out.
  • Noah - Noah also went out early.   I'm not sure what happened to him.
  • Cookie - Provided the entertainment.  He was playing Sim City while playing poker with us, and giving us full backstories on the citizens of his town who he was making miserable.  Its nice of him to finance our entry in the WSOP.

Here are the standings so far.

  • Me - 15 pts
  • Rich -11
  • Aaron -8
  • Mark -6
  • Archie5
  • Jason - 4
  • Noah -3
  • Cookie - 2
  • Shane - 1

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