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Sunday, March 10, 2013

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 2/4 - The curse of Daylight Savings Time.

So week four was weird.  I don't know if it was the daylight savings time switch that threw everyone off, but something wasn't right.

First off, only five of us made it by the tourney start. Archie and Shane didn't make it all.  Cookie was a few minutes late and Mark just barely made it before the first blind and late registration period was up.  By the time he did make it, Rich and I were already in bad shape.

I've mentioned before that Noah has severely under performed my expectations.  Well if it was because he was card dead these last few weeks (seasons?) he made up for it tonight.  I think that he was hitting at least a straight on every hand he played.  If he had less than A6 as a starting hand the entire time I'd be amazed.

Speaking of A6 the hand that crippled me early on was against him.  I had QQ and made my standard raise. Noah called. The board was 6AA and I figured he probably didn't have another A, so I played it kind of hard, but he didn't fold.  The turn was another 6 and the river inconsequential.  We checked down on the river and he turns over an ace.  I don't know why he didn't make some sort of bet on the river. I'm pretty sure I wasn't going to fold.

That left me in bad shape, but I was able to hang around while other players knocked each other out.  Mostly I mean Noah knocked people out.  He had pocket aces at least two more times, and managed quads on anther hand.

Down to five players, Aaron is short stacked and raises, Noah calls.  I have AQs and the second most chips at the table so I push. Both call. Aaron has JJ and Noah AA.  I think I hit a queen but it doesn't matter.  I end up in fourth place.

On the plus side, Mark goes out next when his AA fall to Cookie's KXo.  Cookie caught a king on the flop, and the turn, and then again on the river just for good measure, so I'm still a point up on Mark.

This weeks's results are:

  1. Noah
  2. Cookie
  3. Mark
  4. Me
  5. Aaron
  6. Jason
  7. Rich
  8. Archie (DNP)
  9. Shane (DNP)

And the standings:

  1. Me (38)
  2. Mark (37)
  3. Rich (31)
  4. Aaron (26)
  5. Noah (22)
  6. Cookie (19)
  7. Archie (18)
  8. Jason (13)
  9. Shane (12)

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