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Sunday, April 21, 2013

WSPL Goes to Vegas episode 2/10

Both glorious and terrible things happened in this week's tourney.

We'll start with the glorious.

Actually no we'll start with some background. Mark is currently in the lead for our league with Rich in second. I'm in third, tied with Rich overall and a point behind after dropping our worst two.

The tourney goes more or less as usual.  Jason goes out first, then Noah and Shane and Aaron.  Mark and Rich are both short stacked for most of the early going, but keep battling back.  I'm comfortably sitting second behind Archie with the chip standings.

I'm playing really tight and getting bad cards so I'm getting chipped away while Rich and Mark slowly get back into it.  Mark is impossible to eliminate early on.  He's so patient when shortstacked and never seems to lose an all in until late in the game.
Anyways, I was worried that my image was starting to look weak passive, so I was looking for opportunities to raise when I get good old 72o.  I raise and Mark calls.   The flop is seven high.  Mark leads out and I push all in.  He thinks a bit, then calls with AJo.  The turn pairs the board  and the river is  another seven, so I managed to knock out the league leader with the worst hand in the game.  Good times.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capitalize on it as much as I would have liked.  And I had a great opportunity too.   Rich was short stacked again and pushed all-in pre-flop.  I had ATo.  Archie called ahead of me though and I chickened out.  Archie was the chip leader and I didn't want to get into a pot with him that was already that big.  I figured he must have something good, so I let him try to knock Rich out.  In hindsight Archie probably would have let me check it down so I should have take the chance.  Plus the flop was AAT and there was another ten on the turn.   Terrible play, and not just because I would have won the pot.  I played that hand scared and it cost me big time.

Rich then went on to finally get a win.  I came in third losing to Jason. Three handed, Jason started as the chip leader and I just could not get a read on him.  He would check/call just about anything to the river, whether he had something or not.  Sometimes it worked to my advantage, other times not so much.

The had I lost I had pocket eights and made large bets pre-flop and post flop.  He called.  The board read JTX.  The turn was a rag and I pushed in my remaining chips.  He calls with AK and rivers the queen to knock me out.

So here are the new standings:

  1. Rich
  2. Jason
  3. Me
  4. Archie
  5. Mark
  6. Aaron
  7. Shane
  8. Noah
  9. Cookie


  1. Rich (82 Total 79 Dropping the worst two)
  2. Mark (83/74)
  3. Me (75/71)
  4. Noah(61/60)
  5. Aaron (62/57)
  6. Archie (58/56)
  7. Jason (56/53)
  8. Cookie (35/33)
  9. Shane (33/32)

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