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Sunday, March 30, 2014

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 03/11

This week was odd. Jasons S and K were no-shows again.

I did really well in the beginning. I doubled up early with QQ. Jason M called a flop bet, then I check raised him on the turn when I picked up a set. I went all-in on the river and he called with bottom pair. I have no idea what he was thinking.

The next hand I had 72o and bloffed Greg off of a big pot with a large bet on the river when it gave flush possibilities.

I got QQ additional times in the tourney, but each one fared worse than the hand before.

Before I get to that, I'll just say that I was tired and not really focusing on the game, so I made a bunch of plays that I probably wouldn't have normally made. Some worked, some didn't. I was never really in danger of going out until I did.

My second QQ came when I was in the big blind. Archie raised from the small blind and I reraised, causing him to fold. (side note, our group has gotten terribly passive. So much preflop limping and family pots.

My third QQ came four handed. I raised, and Shane reraised out of the big blind. The flop is all under cards, two clubs and he bets my remaining chips. I make a crying call, putting him on KK or AA. He turns over AK, both clubs. That was actually a good bet on his part. Something I didn't think him capable of. Puts a ton of pressure on me to fold plus he has a ton of outs. Which of course he hits.

Not a terrible result except that it was one of my better results this season.

Here are the results from this week, and the overall standings.

  1. Shane
  2. Greg
  3. Mark
  4. Me
  5. Aaron
  6. Archie
  7. Noah
  8. Jason M
  9. Jason K (DNP)
  10. Jason S (DNP)


  1. Jason M (85/84)
  2. Mark (88/81)
  3. Shane (68/66)
  4. Aaron (68/64)
  5. Greg (62/62)
  6. Me (57/55)
  7. Noah (55/53)
  8. Archie(52/50)
  9. Jason S (48/48)
  10. Jason K (19/19)

So unless my math is wrong Jason M and Mark have clinched the top two spots.  Technically Shane could tie mark, but Jason M said he doesn't think he can make it next week, and the other two Jason's I don't expect to show at all, so there is an almost guaranteed three points for Mark.   

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