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Sunday, April 06, 2014

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 3/12

So... this week was fairly anti-climactic.  For me anyway

The league winners have already been decided.  The three Jasons were no-shows.  Archie didn't show up until he was down to 300 chips.  Then he started playing and won a few all-ins to vault into second place.  Problematic because we decided that late comers earn zero points, but never said what happens if they actually win money.

I went out if fifth.  I was up and down and my all-in preflop KK ran into Shane's TT with a T on the flop.  Shane had somehow managed to get 50% of the tables chips.  I don't know.  I may be a little drunk.

OK fine, I typed most of this out as soon as I was eliminated.  Archie went on to win despite showing up almost an hour late.  So maybe it was a little more exciting than I originally thought.  I'm not rewriting this.  Se previous paragraph where I mentioned I may be drunk.

Archie gets $150 for the win, but zero points.

The results for this week are:

  1. Archie
  2. Shane
  3. Greg
  4. Noah
  5. Aaron
  6. Me
  7. Mark
  8. Jason M (No-Show)
  9. Jason K (No-Show)
  10. Jason S (No-Show)

And the final standings are:

  1. Mark (92/86)
  2. Jason M (85/85)
  3. Shane (83/81)
  4. Greg (73/73)
  5. Aaron (74/70)
  6. Noah (63/61)
  7. Me (62/60)
  8. Archie (52/52)
  9. Jason S (48/48)
  10. Jason K (19/19)

Jason M sold his seat to me for $100.   I get 40% of the winnings.  He gets 15%.  I would have easily paid more or given up a higher percent, but he didn't have any desire to actually play in the WSOP so this is probably a win for both of us.

Hopefully we'll be back next year, but I'm not confident.  Jason K was a no show for the last third.  As was Jason S.  S at least had an excuse as he was changing jobs and moving cross country.  Also Noah and Mark indicated they are probably out. We may be able to find some people to fill their places, or maybe we just call it a good run and leave it at that.

I'll be in Vegas the last weekend in June.  Hopefully I can improve upon last year's performance and actually cash this time.

This may be the

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