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Sunday, January 11, 2015

WSPL Goes to Vegas Episode 4/1

So I've been a pretty lazy blogger.  I haven't posted since the end of last season.  Quick recap I ended up buying Jason M's seat at the WSOP.  I lasted about 8-9 hours before busting out.  I didn't really have a whole lot work out for me. I was mostly treading water the entire time.

So back to this year.  A couple players have dropped out.  Noah because he's lame, and because his wife will be having twins midway through the season. Also Jason S dropped out as he moved to San Diego and will also be out of the country for four weeks during the season.

Returning is Rich who won season two and did not play last year.

The opening week did not go well for me.

Midway through the second round I got AhQh in early position. I raised and Archie to my left reraised.  The flop was Qd8h2d. I checked and Archie be half the pot.  I called.  Archie likes to be big when there is a flush draw on the board.  I put him on trying to chase a flush away.  The turn is 7h giving me top pair and and a flush draw.  I check and Archie bets half pot again.  Calling would leave us with 5BB left.  I went in the tank and eventually called.  I put him on AA, KK and scared of a flush.  If I didn't have the flush draw I would have folded. Raising would have been pointless, he would have called no matter what and worst case I could go with the whole chip and a chair theory  The river was 3c and we checked down.  I was right he had KK.  While that play crippled my chances in this game I'm not super upset about the play.  At least I'm pretty confident in my reads on Archie now.

I planned on doing a whole lot of folding from then on, but a few hands later I got 99 under the gun.  I went all in for my 5BB  (which was going to be 2BB after the next two hands when the blinds went up).

I got three callers who checked down to the river.  Archie ended up being the only one to connect with the board when his AT turned into a pair of tens.  Out in last place.  Not the ideal way to start.  Definitely need to tighten up next time.  Oh well.

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